Community Centers Cleaning service

Many different people and organizations use community centers cleaning and buildings; having a professional, permanent team of cleaners to maintain a clean and safe environment via community centers cleaning has never been more important. The days of letting volunteers have a quick “tidy up” before the areas are re-used are long gone.

All surfaces that are touched frequently need community center cleaning regularly and clients of the center will want to see an audit trail or cleaning schedule to reassure and comfort users: This will include regular sanitizing of high usage touch surfaces such as door handles, handrails, tabletops, sinks, toilet areas, and kitchen surfaces.

Community Centers clean
Community Centers clean

Our experience is that not all users clean up after themselves satisfactorily and trustees have expressed concern that not all hirers will comply with carrying out a higher level of cleaning on leaving. That’s where professional cleaners like PREMiClean are vital, not only as community centre cleaner but in a consultative role to make sure all risks are properly assessed and managed.

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We manage the cleaning schedule of a number of very busy community centers within The Warrington and Manchester areas. These centers are used by mental health support groups, tea dances, modern dance, art classes, pottery classes, visually impaired support groups, age concern, weight watchers, the list goes on.

For one client in Warrington, we reviewed the inefficient status quo of a caretaker and 2 cleaners employed directly by the client and replaced it with a comprehensive cleaning regime supported by a team of well trained and supervised cleaning operatives. We saved the client money whilst at the same time we thoroughly overhauled their cleaning regime to a standard far in excess of their previous outcomes.

PREMiClean community center cleaning Manchester and Warrington will ensure the infection is controlled using procedures to avoid cross-contamination. We’ll make sure all tasks are carried out in line with risk assessments. Our staff are skilled, vetted, and fully COSHH trained (Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health).

Frequently Ask Questions

The simple answer is "that Depends." Our price for cleaning services includes holiday cover, pension and NI contributions, cleaning materials and equipment. It is also worth remembering that recruitment, training, supervision, and ongoing auditing are all covered. we won’t just provide a cleaner for you - we provide a full commercial cleaning service and our expertise and experience mean we are lean and keep our prices competitive. You'd be hard-pressed to do it yourself any cheaper!

We often come on board to take over a commercial cleaning situation where the office cleaning has been sub-standard. We don't charge extra for an initial deep clean, this is included as part of our contracted price to get your premises up to standard.

All our cleaners are employed and trained by us. We do not use 'agency' staff.' We recruit methodically and carefully and use a combination of on-line and on-the-job training.

For all our business cleaning we only use products which meet the highest standards in cleaning and health and safety. We regularly audit our suppliers to demonstrate their environmental credentials.

We are local cleaners, covering Greater Manchester and Warrington. From Manchester office cleaning to cleaning services for theaters, community centers, coach and bus stations, all types of showrooms, dance studios, retail space, Coronation Street, The Crystal Maze and everything in-between.

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