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  • The environment you and your staff work within is a direct reflection of your company and it’s standards.
  • We get you clean and keep it clean. And, although commercial cleaning of offices might be our bread and butter, we have grown to solve problems for a diverse range of clients: Theatres, Coach Stations, Dance Studios, Shops, Factories, The Crystal Maze and Coronation Street: The Tour.
  • How do we differ from the rest? We have a management team that is operationally focussed and hands-on, supported by a workforce that is well trained and well-supervised.
  • Due to this hands-on and highly supervisory approach we are confident that, like for like, we will always be competitively priced.
  • If you have never used contract cleaners for your business cleaning you should consider what we can offer. Having cleaners on your payroll is not always the cheapest or most effective option.
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PREMium cleaning services for you

With an outstanding reputation for quality, integrity and service, we can
clean anything you throw at us!

building cleaning

Building Cleaning

Cleaning solutions for all types of buildings, not just offices; factories, showrooms, libraries, gyms, hard floors, carpeted floors, builders cleans, and sparkle cleans.

Coach Station Cleaning

Bus/Coach Station Cleaning

These busy facilities have to be cleaned without compromising customer safety and satisfaction. By outsourcing to specialist cleaners like PREMiClean you can focus on your guests’ other travel needs.

Community Centers Cleaning service

Community Centers Cleaning

Many different people use community buildings; having a permanent and dedicated team of cleaners has never been more important.

dance studio cleaning

Dance Studios and Gyms Cleaning

Gyms and Dance Studio are places were people sweat it out, push themselves to their limits and keep on top of their health. But they can gather an alarming amount of germs; a professional cleaning regime is essential to protect people’s health.

office clean

Office Cleaning

PREMiclean supply a high quality, premium service, without the premium price.


Shop Cleaning

Competition on the high street is tough and a positive customer experience is vital.

Theatre Cleaning

Theatres and Leisure Cleaning

First impressions always count. Even more so in the entertainment business.


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Highly Trained Staff
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Why Choose Us

We have the experience and

  • Customer Focused We clean for you.
  • Highly Trained Staff supervised and audited.
  • Fast and Efficient Service we don't let you down.
  • Quality Materials The best commercial products in the hands of competent cleaners.
  • A PREMium service without the premium price.

Client Reviews

Hear success stories straight from our customers.

coach station review

Coach Station

“PREMiClean sorted out our long-standing cleaning issues, particularly in the large toilet blocks and offices. And they saved us money in the process”

Mark Levers
Area Manager
office manager review


“Michael and his team always go over and above what we ask of them. A personalised and professional service that now includes regular fogging to combat Covid-19. A five-star service.”

Gill Hodgeson
Office Manager
Building cleaning review


“Why did we ever employ our own cleaners? It’s difficult now to remember just how bad things were. PREMiClean have looked after us for 7 years now and everyone loves how the place is so clean. A massive cultural change for us”

Chris Burgess
Operations Manager

Our Working Experts

Our business is built upon our relationships with our staff. It's a team effort and these are some of our lovely team members....

Pam office cleaner


Office Cleaner
Sarah shop cleaner

Sarah and Ken

Shop Cleaners
George Building cleaner


Building Cleaner

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Frequently Ask Questions

The simple answer is "that Depends." Our price for cleaning services includes holiday cover, pension and NI contributions, cleaning materials and equipment. It is also worth remembering that recruitment, training, supervision, and ongoing auditing are all covered. we won’t just provide a cleaner for you - we provide a full commercial cleaning service and our expertise and experience mean we are lean and keep our prices competitive. You'd be hard-pressed to do it yourself any cheaper!

We often come on board to take over a commercial cleaning situation where the office cleaning has been sub-standard. We don't charge extra for an initial deep clean, this is included as part of our contracted price to get your premises up to standard.

All our cleaners are employed and trained by us. We do not use 'agency' staff.' We recruit methodically and carefully and use a combination of on-line and on-the-job training.

For all our business cleaning we only use products which meet the highest standards in cleaning and health and safety. We regularly audit our suppliers to demonstrate their environmental credentials.

We are local cleaners, covering Greater Manchester and Warrington. From Manchester office cleaning to cleaning services for theaters, community centers, coach and bus stations, all types of showrooms, dance studios, retail space, Coronation Street, The Crystal Maze and everything in-between.

Case Studies

Recent Projects

Case Study Of Shearings coach holidays

Shearings coach holidays

Case Study Of Coronation Street

Coronation Street: THE TOUR

Case Study Of Manufacturing Premises

Manufacturing Premises

Case Study Of Community Center

Community Center