Office Cleaning in Manchester

Cleanliness and hygiene are more important than ever, PREMiClean offers premium office cleaning packages in Manchester to make your work environment hygienic and organized.

A clean office is a major factor in keeping employees motivated. Having a clean working environment has always been important but it is now a key performance indicator. We feel the days of having a quick wipe around with a damp cloth and ‘spray and wipe’ as needed, are long gone.

PREMiClean is big enough to handle any project but, as a family-run business, still small enough to care. We take care of our clients in Manchester by delivering the basics – brilliantly.

Well-known for the highest quality office cleaning in Manchester, our dedicated team is proficient in reaching every nook and cranny of your office space to leave it squeaky clean.

We like to see a straight-forward cleaning job done really REALLY well, and as our business is dependent upon our people, and we are proud to be a Living wage employer – hard work deserves fair pay.


Office Cleaning in Manchester with PREMiClean

Manchester was at the heart of the industrial revolution; it is a city with a rich industrial and cultural heritage, and 2 of the biggest football clubs in the world.

It’s artistic, architectural, theatrical and musical influences have helped make Manchester one of the top cities in the world.

The experienced office cleaning team at PREMiClean are fully-trained professionals, working at making offices in Manchester spotless every day.

We don’t try and re-invent the wheel – we do the straightforward tasks really, REALLY well, something which seems beyond most of our competitors.


Why Choose PREMiClean Office Cleaning Service?

PREMiClean offers bespoke, customised, cleaning schedules to fit your specific requirements, so that work doesn’t suffer.
We constantly train, audit and support our cleaning team to surpass your expectations every time.



One of our customers said, “Everybody feels better and works better now that the place is so clean.”
We supply expert cleaners who follow essential rules and a brspoke cleaning schedule.
We do the basics BRILLIANTLY



All the equipment and cleaning supplies that our team uses not just concerns with the best quality office cleaning, but also with complete safety of your employees and office surroundings.



You want it cleaned to a high standard at a commercial price.
We our hands-on supervisory approach we can supply a high quality, Premium Cleaning Service without the premium price.



We are always available, good communication is key.
We sort your problems, not create them.



Our customers can pay for our services in any way they prefer – cash or credit card. We offer a secure payment platform, so you don’t need to worry about going cash-free with us.

PREMiClean Manchester

PREMiClean guarantee customer satisfaction! We don’t just bring to the table a well-trained and well-equipped team of cleaning professionals, but also years of industry experience, much of it learned the hard way over the past 16 years.
We rarely “churn’ our customers, in face we have only ever ‘lost’ 1 contract and that was due to our clients moving ‘out-of-area’
We expect you to be a long-term client.
We usually get compliments from our customers, and if we have any problems (even we are not perfect!) we are all-ears.
Our mission is to earn a lifetime bond with our clients.

We always get compliments from our customers, but we are all-ears for your complaints and suggestions too. Our mission is to earn a lifetime bond with our customers, not just one-time contract.

building cleaning

Building Cleaning

Cleaning solutions for all types of buildings, not just offices; factories, showrooms, libraries, gyms, hard floors, carpeted floors, builders cleans, and sparkle cleans.

Coach Station Cleaning

Bus/Coach Station Cleaning

These busy facilities have to be cleaned without compromising customer safety and satisfaction. By outsourcing to specialist cleaners like PREMiClean you can focus on your guests’ other travel needs.

Community Centers Cleaning service

Community Centers Cleaning

Many different people use community buildings; having a permanent and dedicated team of cleaners has never been more important.

dance studio cleaning

Dance Studios and Gyms Cleaning

Gyms and Dance Studio are places were people sweat it out, push themselves to their limits and keep on top of their health. But they can gather an alarming amount of germs; a professional cleaning regime is essential to protect people’s health.

office clean

Office Cleaning

PREMiclean supply a high quality, premium service, without the premium price.


Shop Cleaning

Competition on the high street is tough and a positive customer experience is vital.

Theatre Cleaning

Theatres and Leisure Cleaning

First impressions always count. Even more so in the entertainment business.


Client Reviews

Hear success stories straight from our customers.

coach station review

Coach Station

“PREMiClean sorted out our long-standing cleaning issues, particularly in the large toilet blocks and offices. And they saved us money in the process”

Mark Levers
Area Manager
office manager review


“Michael and his team always go over and above what we ask of them. A personalised and professional service that now includes regular fogging to combat Covid-19. A five-star service.”

Gill Hodgeson
Office Manager
Building cleaning review


“Why did we ever employ our own cleaners? It’s difficult now to remember just how bad things were. PREMiClean have looked after us for 7 years now and everyone loves how the place is so clean. A massive cultural change for us”

Chris Burgess
Operations Manager

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