At PREMiClean we subscribe to the United Nation’s sustainable development goals; through our services, we aim to create positive economic, environmental, and social impacts. These goals are reflected throughout our business. 

How does PREMiClean carry out these social values? 


PREMiClean is proud to be a living wage employers. 

“A hard days work deserves a fair days pay.”

The Real Living Wage (RLW) is an independently calculated rate of pay based on real living expenses such as housing, food, and other essentials. As well as being the morally right thing to do, paying the Real Living Wage has proven business benefits such as increases in staff retention and motivation. We pay 100% of our employees the RLW.

Some cleaning companies pay “cash in hand,” or make their staff sub-contractors. At PREMiClean we employ all our staff directly minimizing the risks for our clients.


We have a responsible supply chain. We have reduced our chemical usage and use a smaller and less hazardous range of products. We bulk re-fill all our spray bottles. This has resulted in PREMiClean using 15,000 fewer plastic bottles a year.

We are committed to being as sustainable as possible, we believe we are responsible for the environments we operate in, and always look for ways we can improve this. Such as banning the use of aerosols, using only high-quality re-usable washable microfiber cleaning cloths (rather than disposables,) and using HEPA filters in our machinery to reduce harmful particle emissions.


At PREMiClean we care about the environment and micro-ecosystems of the community we work in. We provide a service that is not only sustainable but can in some cases, benefit the ecosystems we operate in. We try to operate a “ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL”, implementing other solutions first, only using landfill if these do not work. Other solutions consist of:

  • Exploring ways we can prevent the creation of waste at our clients’ sites, this could be achieved by reusing materials (not using virgin materials) or cutting down on plastics used.
  • Recycling. Recycling products/materials are energy efficient and in most cases more cost-effective, it also links with our first point, which is avoiding the use of virgin materials.
  • Landfill – PREMiClean will only send waste from our client’s sites to landfill if all other options do not work: Landfill is the most harmful form of waste disposable and goes against what we stand for which is “ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL”

On top of our “ZERO WASTE TO LANDFILL” policy, we offer environmental services to our clients such as building bird boxes, flower beds and landscaping such as bug and bee hotels to help preserve and attract wildlife.

We offer these services to all our clients to help reduce their carbon footprint and give back to the environment; 9 out of 10 people say they would recycle more if it were made easier.


Our position on human rights within PREMiClean is clear: We respect the human rights of all our employees and those within our supply chain and have zero tolerance for slavery and human trafficking.

We are committed to ensuring that slavery, trafficking, bonded labor, forced or servile marriage, descent-based slavery, and domestic work and slavery does not take place in our business or any part of our supply chain by seeking to:

  • Ensure our recruitment processes are transparent and reviewed regularly, with robust processes in place for the vetting of the appointment of our people;
  • Raise awareness of the issue amongst our people and our suppliers to combat the hidden nature of modern slavery;
  • Challenge and support our suppliers in the effort to drive out modern slavery and human trafficking.


PREMiClean is a facilities management and professional services company, we operate in the UK only. We look after a diverse, largely blue-chip customer base. We take care of our customers’ people and buildings, by delivering the basics brilliantly.

Our business is dependent on our people and our supply chains to support the delivery of our services. Every person within our company complies with the Modern Slavery Act by working to our company’s policies and procedures.

As a company predominately offering facilities management and specialist support services to our clients, our supply chain is characterized by skilled technical contractors and trades.